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Enhancing your Business with technology
We are building complete software solutions to the warehousing & logistics industry. We value strong customer relationships and offer a wide ranging services and solutions with our updated technology.
  •   Gain a 2-10% increase in sales
  •   Complete overview of all your assets
  •   50% reduction in lead times
  •   Decrease inventory write-offs / write downs plus lower inventory holding costs
  •   Increase Employee Efficiency

Our Warehousing & Logistics Management System comes
with bunch of great features that you can benefits from

Limitless Categories
Adding as many categories as you require and you can create sub-categories just as easy. Providing additional inventory item sorting capabilities within SMARTERP
Purchase Order Authorization Staging
With the Purchase Order authorization staging capa- bilities, SMART ERP is having the Purchase orders approved and authorized prior to goods receipt
Unit of Measurement Configuration
Define unique unit of measurement per item. Receive and purchase in alternate unit of measurements, peace, box, etc
Billing Authorization Staging
With the billing authorization staging capabilities found in SMART ERP, bill raising and approval is made easy, adding security prior to billing payment
Purchase Management
Our Purchase Management is the fastest and most simple approach to manage your purchasing workflow. Simply request and generate POs from the system and let the software manage your approval chain.
Quick Payment
SMART ERP have the ability to rapidly pay the supplier which also can select any payment transaction